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Regain Control of Your Time with Focus Tree: The Web3 Garden That Grows With Your Focus

picture of author thomas cosiallsThomas Cosialls

In an era dominated by digital distractions, finding focus can feel like a herculean task. With endless notifications, our attention is fragmented and scattered. How about stopping to give away your time for free and start getting rewarded to focus now?

That's where Focus Tree comes in: a groundbreaking mobile app leveraging the power of Web3 to help you reclaim your time and enhance your productivity in a truly modern way!

What is Focus Tree?

Focus Tree isn’t merely about blocking out distractions—it’s about optimizing your time in a way that maintains your energy and creativity.

Built on the Starknet blockchain, this app leverages the power of the Pomodoro Technique, encouraging users to focus intensively for short periods. After each 25-minute session of concentrated effort, you earn a tile to enhance your virtual garden—a serene reflection of your productivity.

focus tree app pomodoro

How Does Focus Tree Work?

The app is simple yet effective:

  1. Start a 25-minute timer ⏰ on the app
  2. Deep-work 🧠 until the timer goes off
  3. Earn a tile 🪴 to beautify your virtual garden

As you collect more tiles, your garden flourishes, reflecting your growing productivity and focus. This gamification adds a layer of motivation that's not just rewarding but also visually satisfying.

focus tree app gardens

Leveraging Community and Web3

In my opinion, what sets Focus Tree apart is its integration of community dynamics and Web3 technology. By engaging with others in the creation of lush gardens, users not only compete in a friendly manner but also support each other’s productivity goals. This community aspect, paired with some blockchain features (Starknet wallet, $FOCUS coin, NFTs), turns the daunting task of staying focused into a shared, funny, and hence more achievable goal.

Why You Should Use Focus Tree?

  • Combat Phone Addiction: Focus Tree offers a proactive solution to the modern problem of phone addiction. By turning your focus sessions into a game, it makes productivity feel less like a chore and more like a rewarding challenge.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Unlike many apps that rely on ads, Focus Tree prioritizes your attention and focus, ensuring that advertisements don't interrupt your flow.
  • Accessibility: Available anytime and anywhere, you can start focusing with just a few taps on your screen. It's available on Android and iOS.

Last but not least, Focus Tree recently introduced a Reward System that potentially announces a future airdrop (learn what an airdrop is here). This airdrop could include tokens that could be used within the app to access special features, enhance your garden or participate in the DAO.

focus tree app rewards airdrop

Help me make the proof2work garden bigger and more lush! Download the app and simply click on Join Garden in the Gardens tab. Then use my invite code BAvf to start focusing together 🚀 You can additionally start your own garden and invite some friends to give a boost to your rewards.

focus tree app invite

Focus Tree is still a young project, you can follow them on Twitter to stay updated with their latest releases.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not a paid promotion. The Web3 space is innovative but can be susceptible to scams; always ensure the authenticity of any app or service before participating or investing. Stay safe and informed in this new digital landscape.