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Top 5 Web3 Wallet Solutions with Social Login to Boost User Onboarding in 2024

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As Web3 technologies continue to evolve, simplifying the user onboarding process is crucial for wider adoption. Traditional methods like social logins and phone number verifications are now being integrated into Web3 platforms. This blog post will compare five leading solutions—Particle Network, Dynamic, Privy, Web3Auth, and Capsule—that facilitate user onboarding by using these familiar methods, while also maintaining the security and great user experience (with Account Abstraction and Embedded Wallet). You will find our comparative table at the end of this article.

1. Privy

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Privy is a web3 wallet designed to integrate web2 user experience standards into web3 applications. It features streamlined authentication flows, including sign-in options via email and social media, and provides powerful embedded wallets that support self-custody. Privy also includes scalable infrastructure to manage multiple external wallet connections, ensuring flexibility and enhanced user interaction.

The platform highlights a focus on security, conducting regular audits across infrastructure, cryptography, operational, and application security aspects. Privy has completed several security audits with recognized firms and has a SOC 2 Type II attestation in progress.

Privy is supported by notable investors such as Paradigm, Sequoia, BlueYard, Electric Capital, Archetype, and Protocol Labs, reflecting significant backing and trust in its vision and technology.

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2. Dynamic

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Dynamic offers a robust web3 login solution that emphasizes ease of use for both users and developers. Features include multi-chain support, embedded wallets, and seamless integration with both EVM and non-EVM blockchains like Solana and Starknet. It supports a passwordless system using Passkeys and plans to introduce TSS-MPC technology for enhanced security. Prominent clients like Pudgy Penguins and Starkware showcase its wide acceptance.

Dynamic’s development platform is backed by secure, audited technology, ensuring a safe environment for user data and transactions.

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3. Web3Auth

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Web3Auth is a comprehensive Web3 login and wallet service designed to offer a seamless, secure, and decentralized user experience. Key features include Multi-Party Computation (MPC) for secure transaction signing, Account Abstraction for simplified user interactions, and customizable multi-factor authentication.

Additionally, Web3Auth provides a fiat-to-crypto API, white-labeled wallet UIs, and compatibility across various blockchain ecosystems. The platform is committed to robust security with regular audits and compliance with major data protection regulations. Web3Auth is trusted by significant players in both Web2 and Web3 sectors, demonstrating its scalability and reliability in the digital wallet space.

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4. Particle Network

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Particle Network offers a suite of Web3 products designed to enhance user experience and connectivity across blockchain environments. Key features include modular account abstraction compatible with ERC-4337, an embedded wallet for seamless in-dApp transactions, and a one-click user onboarding system compatible with various Web2 interfaces.

Particle Network extends its functionality to Bitcoin through the BTC Connect service, enabling EVM-compatible operations with Bitcoin wallets.

Security is prioritized with modular access to secure node services, while investments from influential entities in the tech space back the platform's robust capabilities. Particle's solutions are tailored to developers seeking versatile and secure Web3 integration tools.

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5. Capsule

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Capsule is a versatile Web3 wallet solution that offers a secure and user-friendly experience across multiple devices and chains. Its features include passwordless social logins, multi-party computation (MPC) for key management, and transaction permission engines to enhance security.

Capsule also provides customizable wallet UIs and native on-and-off ramps for seamless integration. The wallet supports Ethereum, Polygon, Base, and Celo chains. For developers, Capsule offers easy-to-integrate SDKs compatible with modern Web3 standards.

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Comparative Table

The table outlines specific criteria to compare web3 wallet platforms: Supported Chains, Account Abstraction, Security, Social Login, Wallet Login, Email/SMS Login, Embedded Wallets, and Price.

For an exhaustive list of supported networks, please visit the individual websites of each project.

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Choosing the right Web3 onboarding solution depends on your specific needs, such as the type of blockchain network you use, the level of security you require for private keys, and the user authentication methods you prefer.

By incorporating social logins and phone number integrations into Web3 platforms, these solutions not only enhance security but also significantly lower the barrier for user adoption, fostering a more inclusive and expansive digital economy.